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back of this. how can this growth? this guy is the limit. this is a one—off event —— the sky is a limit. it used to be about fighting twice as hard for happy recognition and we wa nted as hard for happy recognition and we wanted to be better at band b boys but it is not about that. it is about having quality, we are all wrestlers who train the same and work just as wrestlers who train the same and workjust as hard as each other and that needs to be recognised in wwe all the time. thank you so much for joining us. let's have a look at some of the other stories we've been covering at the bbc sports centre today. england captain steph houghton will miss tuesday's world cup warm up match against spain because of a groin injury. she's one of several changes after england's 1—0 defeat to canada on friday. england captainjoe root starred for his county today in yorkshire's opening match of the county championship season. he finished the second innings on 130 not out,
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as yorkshire salvaged an unlikely draw against nottinghamshire. elsewhere today there were wins for hampshire and somerset. south korea's kojin young won the first major of the women's golf season. the 23 year old won the ana inspiration in california by three shots, and said she'd been waiting five years to make the traditional winner'sjump into poppie's pond. now to the olympian who says says her life was thrown upside down when she discovered she was pregnant. at the age of 32, british discus throwerjade lally‘s bid to reach the tokyo olympics was just getting underway and, although she'd always wanted to have a child one day, she told our reporter katie falkingham that the timing couldn't have been worse. ido i do remember feeling i do rememberfeeling devastated and i know i say that with a smile but i remember a physically laughing as well. i was in such shock that this had happened. the lead up to next year olympics was not supposed to
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include it surprise pregnancy for jade lally and with a daughter due infour jade lally and with a daughter due in four months she is still living with that conflict. since the age of 13 with that conflict. since the age of i3 athletics has been the one co nsta nt in i3 athletics has been the one constant in her life and she won commonwealth bronze five years ago in glasgow. but giving birth a year out from the biggest competition of her year was not part of the plan. out from the biggest competition of her year was not part of the planlj her year was not part of the plan.|j realised life was going to change it lot. whichever way this goes it was going to change. i either keep this now and change everything about my life or if we get rid of this and try again later on, and i never conceive ever again, and this was one of my shot —— this was my only shot then we mess it up. they had previously tried for a baby but after that proved unsuccessful to put starting a family only holds if you could pursue her ambition of becoming a double olympian. but nature had a different plan forjade lally leaving her feeling isolated and lost and searching for others
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feeling the same way. the fact i was struggling so much i thought surely iam not struggling so much i thought surely i am not the first person to go through this or the last person. everyone says it is ok to not be ok but who is talking about this stuff? there is a lot more people that are actually in my boat that have not been brave enough to say or had the opportunity to voice this. over the last few years we have seen serena williams, jessica ennis hill and others give birth, comeback and win medals. do you feel you can be compared them? no, there are significant differences between us. the type of support they have financially and i am sure team —wise, just the governing body and the sport itself and there are private sponsors. all of those things will make a difference. pregnancy is a struggle forjade lally, she finds it hard to even say the word. there was body is
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changing, it is sore and she is no longer able to do the spot she has worked out at for so long. she admits her mother's instinct is yet to arrive and is unsure how she will combine parenthood with achieving her olympic dream. i do not know how to be anything other than a selfish athlete. i do not want to be a rubbish mum or a bad parent, and athlete. i do not want to be a rubbish mum ora bad parent, and i do not want my child to think i never put her first but in that first year of her life she has to sit differently on a priority list than maybe another first—time sit differently on a priority list than maybe anotherfirst—time mum would be, and that is just because of tokyo. that is not going to be forever so when she comes out, i hope, i really hope, iam better and i hope that something kicks in that i had yet. that is all from sports day, we will have more for you throughout the evening.
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you are watching bbc news. i have an update for you. we havejust you are watching bbc news. i have an update for you. we have just got from the comments and that is the brexit delay bill which is being pushed through the commons last week, designed to change the law to prevent the prime minister theresa may unilaterally taking britain out of the eu without a deal, well that is now going through the lords and the leader of the commons, andrea leadsom says that the government will not prevent that brexit delete bill being presented from royal assent is approved by parliament. —— brexit delete bill. it is not going to the lords, if it passes muster through the houses of parliament when it goes back to the commons, the leader of the health says there will be nothing to prevent that bill being presented for royal assent. she goes onto say that will be held on that law if it comes back from
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the lords to the commons tomorrow and it won't last 90 minutes. presumably, according to this timetable if everything goes according to plan —— before she actually has to sit down with other eu leaders at that crunch meeting in brussels, she could well be there with a new law passed that will prevent her from unilaterally taking the uk out of the european union without a deal. that news that is just coming to us in the last couple of minutes or so. now a ultra low emission zone has come into force in central london which means drivers of audit more polluting vehicles will be charged to enter the existing congestion zone area. 24—hour is a day seven days a week. it is hoped the scheme will reduce high levels of air pollution in the capital. my guest's nine—year—old daughter died after an asthma attack
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and medical experts like cho death to spikes in air pollution. it is good to see you. would you make of what sadik khan is trying to do with this? it is a brave move stop i know a lot of people are proposing it because it is going to affect a lot of people, especially those from a deprived community are already struggling. basically there has been no choice figures were out last week. 4000 young people had to go to hospital just week. 4000 young people had to go to hospitaljust in london alone last year. that basically means 11 children every single day in london had to go to hospital last year. it is unsustainable. we have also found out that every other day a child was admitted to intensive care because of asthma. tell me what happened to
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ella. ella became suddenly ill and ended up with one of the worst cases ever of asthma in this country. she was in intensive care at three times and she had to be resuscitated continuously for the last two and a quarter years. but she was alive. we now know there are other children out there exactly like her. the unit she died 26 other children died from asthma as well. this is a growing problem, the air is becoming more toxic. we need radical action. is this going far enough for you? nothing will ever go far enough. i know if there is another hot summer there will be children admitted to hospital all over the country, all the main cities, manchester, leeds, bristol, london, birmingham, derby. i apologise if i have left any off. there will be children rushed to
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hospital all over the summer if there is a heatwave. this cannot go on. what more can be done? we need to get out of cars, shortjourneys and diesel needs to be banned. the emissions from one diesel is equivalent to 30 petrol cars so diesel needs to start coming off the road as of now. 2040, 2030 is going to be too late for these young children. i know it is not popular at all but from a mother who lost her child not enough is being done, absolutely not. thank you for coming you are watching bbc news. coming up is beyond 100 days.
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you're watching beyond one hundred days. talks with the opposition party at home and talks with european leaders abroad. theresa may has just four days to find a way to stop the uk leaving the eu without a deal. the prime minister has been on the phone to european leaders today while talks with labour on brexit resume this evening. president trump wants to get tougher on immigration — so he's got rid of the woman who was in charge. that means five top jobs in this administration have only acting chiefs. also on the programme. on the eve of israel's general election prime minister netanyahu seeks to energise his supporters and face off a former military chief challenger. and staying safe online — sites carrying harmful content


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